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21 years, and you still inspire people, make them laugh, and make them cry, a lot. Thank you for every wonderful episode, every scully and mulder touch, thank you for showing us that the truth is out there.

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Phantom Shanghai

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2014 Come Here (Ueda and Junno). Scanned by me.

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hyphen-lia asked: me again... I'm so annoying, i should let other people ask you things too, no? XDD Anyway, since i've already asked Pin and Akame, i guess it's Pikame turn now~ :3


You’re not annoying :O if you stopped asking me questions, I’d probably barely get any
So, it’s Pikame time now? But you didn’t give me an AU~~ I’ll have to make up my own >3< Let’s do this!

First date or first meeting?

Yamapi is failing in all of his subjects - Kame is the biggest nerd in his class, and he’s agreed to help him, on the condition that he a) stops bullying him and b) goes on a date with him

This was quite possibly the most awkward date that Yamapi had ever been on - and he’d been on his fair share of awful dates. What were you supposed to say to a guy? Especially one you frequently tease, whose eyebrows and voice you make fun of, whose belongings you hide? Why did Kamenashi even want to go out with him? He wasn’t going to complain though. After all…he only ever teased Kame because he had realised that it was the only way which he could get the boy’s attention.
Of course, he hadn’t noticed the way that Kame would stare at him during their lessons, or blush whenever Yamapi came near him - even if it was only to bully him.
"Why did you want this?" Yamapi asked him as Kame sat down on a park bench, "You just want to humiliate me, don’t you? This is revenge, right?"
"If this was going to humiliate either of us, it would be me. What do you think people think of me right now? I’ve asked one of my bullies to take me on a date. How pathetic do you think I seem to everyone right now?" Kame muttered.
That was true. Yamapi could get around it - claim it was just him using Kame to get help with school so that he wouldn’t fail. So that he wouldn’t get kicked out by his mother. He would never admit to anyone that he had agreed because he actually wanted to go on this date. Even if it was fucking awkward and so far all he had thought about was how long it would be until he could leave.
"See… I was right. Even you must think I’m pathetic." Kame sighed before smiling sadly at Yamapi, "But, I’m okay with that, if I can be with you like this just once."
"So, you really like me? That’s why you’re doing this?" Yamapi asked.
"Of course. This is the only way I’d ever have a chance. Not that I think this is you giving me a chance…I know that it’s only because you want me to tutor you, and that’s all I’ll do after this I just… Thank you." Kame rambled, "I know you must be pretty grossed out right now."
Yamapi smirked, “It could be worse, at least you’re pretty. You’re not actually that bad, Kamenashi. You should smile though - you’re cuter like that.”
"Since when I am cute?" Kame asked, his eyes wide as a blush crept across his cheeks.
"Since I first saw you. You nerdy brat. Now, get up, we’ve got a date to go on." Yamapi replied determinedly, holding his hand out to Kame, "Or we could skip the date and I could have my wicked way with you right here?"
The blush darkened. Kame took hold of Yamapi’s hand, smiling brightly, “Take me on my date. Then I’ll teach you some biology.”

終わり~! Thanks for asking bby~ I hope that you enjoyed it~

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a sterek fan art from me for #SterekWeek that’s going on right now &gt;u&lt;!!!


a sterek fan art from me for #SterekWeek that’s going on right now >u<!!!

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annnnnnd the plot thickens. icymi- watch monstrous now. 


annnnnnd the plot thickens. icymi- watch monstrous now

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Martin is great.  He’s one of those guys that is able to be completely professional.  But when the camera’s not on him - very, very naughty. - Graham McTavish

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Springfield, OR got Simpsonized today! Check out these photos from The Simpsons' downtown mural dedication and block party!

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Anônimo asked: Pretty sure Wolf Derek would love a belly rub and an ear scratch like a little fluffy puppy
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Stiles + 4 Kinds of Love

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I actually think this was one of my favorite and most powerful scenes in the show. Kate Mulgrew expertly portrayed the hurt we’ve all felt at one point or another when we were ostracized by people we wanted so desperately to be accepted by and the fact that this feeling knows no boundaries of age.

ached for her in this scene.